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Gourmand: French, "a connoisseur of good food".

-issimo:  Italian, "utmost, to the highest grade".


At Gourmandissimo, we're deeply devoted to our culinary roots and take great pride in bringing a passion for food and service to our customers and the residents of Headwaters.

It's our pleasure to serve you, with fresh flavourful menus using locally sourced ingredients.


WOW!!!  What an amazing event --- the food was phenomenal --- and your servers and kitchen staff are just delightful!

I was truly overwhelmed by the number of positive comments about the whole affair and I owe a huge thank you to you.  What a wonderful meal you provided for our two special children.  It was so nice to hear, "that was absolutely the best wedding meal we have ever had".  And this was echoed by so many people.

-Cathy Krar

Mother of the bride.

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